OMEGA THERAPIES  - Omega Therapies, bringing you back into balance
Gels and Creams
Our selection of gels and creams are designed with a health body in mind. These products have purposes from soothing and easing muscular/joint problems, to uplifting your mentality through promotion of hormone secretion.
Aloe Vera Cream
Used to support the health of the skin
Price: £6.00
Calendula Cream
Used to help reduce swelling and promote tissue growth
Price: £5.95
Dragon Balm Cream
Used to help reduce muscle and joint stiffness
Price: £4.00
Rose Gel
Soothing gel used for uplifting emotions and hormones
Price: £5.50
Peppermint Foot Gel
Used for refreshing of the feet
Price: £5.50
Anti Cellulite Cream
helps blood circulation, makes cellulite removal easier and faster
Price: £5.00
Chamomile and Jasmine Cream
aches and pains, menstral problems, migraine, digestive problems, soothing allergies, sores and eczema.
Price: £5.95
Frankincense and Rose Cream
anti-ageing cream.
Price: £5.95
Muscle and Joint Gel
helps ease tired and aching joints and muscles.
Price: £5.00
Neroli Hydrating Gel
use as a hydrating eye gel.
Price: £5.50
Sandalwood Hand Cream
rich and soothing moisturiser
Price: £5.95
Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel
absorbs toxins and debris, also treats muscular or joint conditions.
Price: £5.50
Tea Tree Gel
used for acne, bites, stings, bruises, warts, verrucas, cold sores and other infections.
Price: £5.50

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